Teaching experience

Here you can find syllabi reflecting my previous teaching experience.

#1 Schoolmasters and Students_ManolovaD

A description of the course can be found here.

#2 Individuality_Module Byzantium_ManolovaD

#3 Liberal Arts_ManolovaD

Courses I would like to teach in future include:

Methods and tools

Critical Theory for Medievalists

Greek Palaeography and Codicology


Survey courses

The Romans after Constantine: The History of the Byzantine Millennium

Concepts of Humanity and Nature: History of Byzantine Philosophical and Scientific Thought

Homer in the Middle Ages: History of Homeric Reception in Byzantium

History of the Medieval Codex

The History of the Dialogue in the Greek Middle Ages


Reading seminars

‘One Soul in Bodies Twain’: Concepts of Friendship in Byzantine Letters

Praising the City: Urban Encomia and Ekphrases in Byzantine Literature

Anna Komnene, The Alexiad: Reading a Medieval Female Historian



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