Teaching Blog

The first time I had the opportunity to teach was in AY 2010/11 when I was invited by Prof. Oleg Georgiev (Sofia University, Department of Philosophy) to lead the reading seminars associated with his course The Liberal Arts and the Middle Ages. I was given the freedom to redesign the seminar format and to amend the program’s content so as to bring my knowledge of Byzantium which was, up to this point, little reflected in the course syllabus.

At the time, Sofia University was still in the process of implementing an electronic course management system, so course materials as well as any kind of organizational information, was transmitted through the participants’ private e-mails addresses and in person, in the class room. As I already had my CEU experience in place, I decided to organize and enrich the teaching and learning process by creating a course blog using the WordPress platform. Thus, I used the blog to share tutorials on academic writing related to the written assignments; to organize, advertise and document the mini-conferences the students and I organized (I discuss the implementation of this method in more detail in my teaching philosophy); to share relevant information from the fields of the classics, late antique, medieval, Byzantine, and Renaissance studies, but also to inform the students about changes in the schedule or about their grades.

Now that my teaching is over, I still maintain the blog. For the period of 2010-2014 it has gathered 1 200 views for its 252 posts and I plan to redesign it during the summer of 2015.


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