By means of introduction

The purpose of my teaching portfolio is, first, to present the teaching experience I have already acquired; second, to reflect on its methods and results; and third, to showcase what courses I would like to teach in the future

Anyone who has thought knows that teaching involves a lot of learning from the part of the instructor as well. So I have listed both the courses I have recently taken in order to improve my propedeutic skills and some of the blogs I follow which discuss teaching in higher education. 

My most recent preoccupation has been with the relevance of our disciplines, that is of all humanities. The ‘crisis of the humanities’ has been proclaimed by many a voice in the recent years and I am interested to examine and discuss whether this is the case indeed and by extension, what can we, the scholars, do about it. One strong tendency has been the turn towards digital humanities as an answer to the particular requirements of our age. Digital content and its presentation has nurtured and, in its turn induces, new ways of cognition, both in terms of learning and teaching. Despite its immense potential, however, the digital humanities perspective is not applicable to every type of research and should not be applied merely for its own sake. Thus, in order to explore further options for showcasing the relevance of the humanities, and of Byzantine studies in particular, I have started an online discussion where I can gather insights on the matter and I am working on new sample syllabus which focuses on those themes whithin my field that I find universally relevant and interesting for students of all tracks and motivations. 

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